Rolling Prairie Readers

Activities as unique as your child!

Education SHOULD be a joyful experience for our children.

Learning through play is best.

Individualized education is my passion, and I love working with parents. Your family's personalized learning plan begins with two questions:

  1. How does your child learn best?
  2. What does your child need to learn next?

As a former classroom teacher and homeschooling mom, I want to help your toddlers and preschoolers get ready for Kindergarten! I cut through the parent overwhelm (so many ideas on Pinterest!) and target your child's next skills with a variety of simple and fun, hands-on learning activities in one of four categories that you choose: gross motor, fine motor, literacy & language, or science & math.

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If you have a child in K-2nd grade that needs help with a specific skill, I can create a mini-plan for you as well. Just fill out the form and let me know!

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