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Our mission is to
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to follow their passions
and use their unique gifts
to make the world a better place.

We are passionate about:

  • learning through play,
  • making the most of family time,
  • and reading good books!

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Let’s change the education system from the outside in.

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Rolling Prairie Readers exists to see whole families embrace a lifestyle of joyful discovery together.

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13 Family-Themed Picture Books

13 Family-Themed Picture Books

Family. Whether it’s the one you were born with or the one that you made for yourself, it’s something to celebrate. Every year, I like to follow up our Love Day activities with a fun family unit study with my kids -- which means a trip to the library for family-themed...

12 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

12 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Valentine's Day is almost here, and I am searching for gift ideas for my kids. Ever since they were babies, we have given them a new book for the holiday -- some years they get a love-specific story, and other years they get a new paperback that they've been wishing...

Learn American Sign Language at Home with Mr. D Math!

Learn American Sign Language at Home with Mr. D Math!

During these unprecedented times, it can be difficult to find safe and effective online solutions for our students for certain subjects like language, music, and physical education. Mr. D Math, a well-known math curriculum company, now offers self-paced, online...

12 Nursery Rhyme Books for Kids

12 Nursery Rhyme Books for Kids

I’ve mentioned before how much I love using nursery rhymes to make learning at home more fun! Nursery rhymes and songs are also excellent for early literacy development -- even though understanding phonics is critical to reading success, children learn a lot about...

Personalized Books Make Great Gifts for Kids!

Personalized Books Make Great Gifts for Kids!

When I think back on my childhood, I remember how fun it was to find personalized items in gift shops and bookstores: license plates for my bike, pens, bookmarks, etc.  I think my name is really pretty, but it’s also really common for women my age. The year I was...