Awaken Creativity Project

It’s time to spark something new.

“Creativity” isn’t something just for artists. It’s a way to think outside the box, to push past the mundane parts of life and rediscover joy! Throughout this 28 day project, we will invite you to take some creative risks – in simple and exciting ways – from the music you choose in the car, to sensory play with your kids – to experimenting with crafting, writing, and even fashion!

After this very, very long winter, choose to watch yourself bloom this spring! The project will take place in a Facebook group, with several challenges each week designed to stretch and strengthen your creative muscles.

You’ll be joined by a group of women also participating in the challenges, so you’ll be supported, encouraged, and make new friends along the way.

We start 4/1! Enter your email address, and you’ll be emailed the link to the group on 4/1.

See you there!