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Spring Books for Kids

Spring Books for Kids

Growing up in San Antonio, I never quite understood the appeal of spring. When the weather is pretty much the same all year long, “seasons” become more about events and holidays than the temperature outside. February is rodeo season, March is bluebonnet season, April is Fiesta season, and then it’s summer.

After two winters in Iowa, however, I’m starting to appreciate spring so much more. The trees have been bare for nearly five months now. The cold, grey skies really do start to play tricks on your emotions. Spring represents hope, renewal, and new life.

We’ve recently begun planning our spring garden and looking for signs of spring outdoors. Our mourning dove pair has returned to the area, and tulip stems are starting to peek up out of the ground.

Spring Books for Kids | spring-themed picture books, recommended books, stories for kids, read aloud, nature books, non-fiction books for kids

We’re also bringing out our favorite spring books for read aloud time.

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Spring Books: Fiction

One of the most well-known spring books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Children of all ages love the sweet story of a caterpillar who eats and eats and eats…and finally transforms into a beautiful butterfly. If you’ve read the book hundreds of times, try this fun video featuring the author himself:

Spring Joy by Liesbet Slegers

Spring Thaw by Steven Schnur

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na

Hooray for Spring by Kazuo Iwamura

When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes

Mouse’s First Spring by Lauren Thompson

And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano

Mud by Mary Lyn Ray

Maple and Willow Together by Lori Nichols

Don’t miss our favorite rainbow-themed books! {Click here.}

Spring Books for Kids | spring-themed picture books, recommended books, stories for kids, read aloud, nature books, non-fiction books for kids

Spring Books: Non-Fiction and Field Guides

A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Aston is one of our favorite nature books. It can be read at any time of year, but it usually fits in well with our garden-planting time.

Seasons: Spring

Spring Across America by Seymour Simon

How a Seed Grows by Helene Jordan

Big Yellow Sunflower by Frances Barry

Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman

Tell Me, Tree by Gail Gibbons

Trees, Leaves and Bark by Diane L. Burns

The Usborne Outdoor Book

Before you go, leave a comment! What are your favorite spring books for kids?

Spring Books for Kids | spring-themed picture books, recommended books, stories for kids, read aloud, nature books, non-fiction books for kids

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Best Books About Kindness and Friendship

Best Books About Kindness and Friendship

Books about kindness and friendship give children the opportunity to learn about empathy in a safe environment. Taking time to talk about the characters and their choices is the most important part of the family read-aloud experience. Read on for our five favorite kindness books for kids!

Best Books About Kindness and Friendship | kindness books for kids, intentional bookshelf, teaching with books, recommended picture books

Best Books About Kindness & Friendship

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by Kevin Henkes

I’ve talked about our love for Chrysanthemum in our favorite books for new readers post, but I really do recommend this book to everyone! It’s a great story for back to school or when a child is feeling anxious about a new experience. It’s also the perfect introduction to what bullying can look like in a classroom. Why don’t Chrysanthemum’s classmates stand up for her? Are they afraid they’ll be bullied next? Use this book to talk about what YOU would have done if you were in the book.

Bonus: You can also watch this one on DVD (narrated by Meryl Streep)!

by Don Freeman

Corduroy is one of those “classic” books that really has endured through many generations. It’s a sweet and simple story that any toddler will love, especially if there is a special lovey in the family. Use this book to talk about taking care of others. What does it look like to be a friend?

Officer Buckle & Gloria
by Peggy Rathmann

This is one of my favorite picture books because it’s just ridiculous from begining to end. Children will love looking at all the details in the illustrations! But the best part of this Caldecott-winning book is the true friendship between Gloria the dog and her human, Officer Buckle. It’s a great invitation to discuss how our friends can (and should!) bring out the best in us.

My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
by Patricia Polacco

Growing up, I always wanted an older brother. My husband tells me of his many adventures and mischief-filled days with his older brother, much like Patricia and Richie in this autobiographical book by my very favorite author. Don’t be turned off by the title; this relatable book ends with a very sweet moment between two siblings, showing our kids that family can be friends, too.

Chicken Sunday
by Patricia Polacco

As I mentioned, Ms. Polacco is my favorite children’s author, and I probably could list every book she’s ever written in this kindness category. But I am choosing Chicken Sunday as our family’s “book of the month” because it has so many rich characters and moments of kindness. Set a few years after the story above, Tricia is now living in California with her mom and brother. She has added new family members, neighbor Miss Eula and her grandsons Winston and Stewart, and builds a true friendship with hat shop owner Mr. Kodinski. This book features so many rich cultural and religious moments, showing our children what a life of diversity and respect can look like.

We’ll be taking the lessons found in Chicken Sunday and using them as a jumping off point for our “theme of the month” discussions in The Intentional Book Club.

You can learn more about The Intentional Book Club here, or click on the image below to join us!

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Before you go, I would love to hear YOUR favorite kindness books for kids!

Book Subscription Boxes for Kids: Bookroo

Book Subscription Boxes for Kids: Bookroo

Nearly two years ago, we moved from the seventh largest city in the United States to a small Midwestern town. We went from having a bookstore within walking distance of our home to (mostly) ordering our books online. We absolutely love our local library, but I also believe in the power of book ownership for children. For that reason, I’ve been interested in book subscription boxes for our family.

Book Subscription Boxes for Kids: Bookroo | read aloud, children's books, early literacy, activities for kids, family activities, raising readers

Last month, Bookroo reached out to our family and asked if we would be interested in reviewing one of their book boxes. I headed over to their website and immediately fell in love with their story and purpose:

“Our mission is to enable and empower parents to build their children’s book collections in an affordable and exciting way through curated monthly book deliveries. We believe in the power and impact of the written word in the life of a child, and believe it’s never too early to start reading to children!”

Bookroo was founded by three sisters-in-law who want to “make it convenient for parents and magical for kids to fall in love with reading and grow their book collections!”

Book Subscription Boxes for Kids: Bookroo | read aloud, children's books, early literacy, activities for kids, family activities, raising readers

Within a week, our box from Bookroo arrived on our front doorstep. The girls helped me open the package and were so excited to find TWO wrapped presents inside. After tearing off the (beautiful!) wrapping paper, they both settled in to read their stories…and then switched and read the other book, too.

Here are four things we LOVE about Bookroo:

  1. The books are fun and unique! I could immediately tell that the selection process for Bookroo is vigorous and thoughtful. Both picture books fit the monthly theme (“imagination”) in a different way, giving us lots of opportunities to compare and contrast the plots, settings, and characters.
  2. The entire experience was magical, from start to finish! From the packaging to the wrapping to the extra recommended activities, our kids loved the entire process. In a time where attention spans can be short, we have gotten hours of fun and snuggles from our box.
  3. The company is passionate about literacy! From the blog to their Facebook page, Bookroo is always there to share the best tips and author interviews with their community.  
  4. The subscription is affordable and valuable. We love books in our house, and I’m happy to invest in quality products for our family library. After working as an independent consultant for an online book company for a year, I can vouch that Bookroo’s prices are competitive!

Right now, you can get 25% off any multi-month subscription (3,6, or 12 months) using the code BF2017 through midnight PST on Monday, November 27th.* If you are looking to get your children the gift of reading this holiday season, we can’t recommend Bookroo highly enough.

Have you tried book subscription boxes for your family? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Book Subscription Boxes for Kids: Bookroo | read aloud, children's books, early literacy, activities for kids, family activities, raising readers

* Bookroo reached out to our family with a free box of books. This is not a paid review and no affiliate links have been used. Here are the details of the Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale: One redemption per family. Valid for new customers only. Existing customers may use for the purchase of one gift subscription. Valid 11/24 – midnight PST 11/27