Summer Jumpstart Day 1

Summer Jumpstart Day 1

Welcome to Day 1, friend!

Before we jump into the day’s practical assignment, I’m going to ask you to dive deep and get a little vulnerable with yourself about the reason(s) why you signed up for this series.

  • Maybe you really like schedules, calendars, and planners. Maybe having a regular routine makes you feel safe and keeps those anxious, “out of control” feelings at bay. Maybe you–like me–grew up with a strong desire to succeed, and this summer schedule guide sounds like just the ticket to a productive, happy summer with your kids.
  • Maybe you are feeling unsure about how to fill the long hours with your kids. Maybe you are a work-at-home mom who still has projects and deadlines during this season of no (or less) school. Maybe you’re worried your kids are going to argue with each other and complain about being bored for weeks on end.
  • Maybe you really want to make wonderful memories with your family this summer, but that wasn’t modeled for you when you were growing up. Maybe the summer bucket lists and activity ideas on Pinterest make you feel inadequate or overwhelmed by all the possibilities.
  • Maybe you just want to hear what other families are doing so you can choose the ideas you like and discard the rest.

Whatever your reasons, jot them down.

Then I want you to think about what your ideal summer for your family looks like. Write down whatever words or images come to mind. We’ll come back to this assignment later in the week.

And now, for the practical part! Let’s get started…

Click here to download the schedule template!


Write down your goals for this challenge. What is your why? “A flexible family schedule will help my family _________.”

Print off the calendar template and mark off your “out of the house” (or non-negotiable) commitments. Share a picture of your calendar in our Facebook group!