Summer Jumpstart Day 2

Summer Jumpstart Day 2

Hey there, friend.

If you didn’t have a chance to complete Day 1’s lesson, no worries. Today’s video references yesterday’s homework and you can scroll down to download the calendar template.

Yesterday, I asked you to complete this sentence. “A flexible family schedule will help my family _________.”

As I worked through my own reasons for doing this challenge, I realized that a flexible family schedule is going to help ME much more than my family.

I’m a fairly rigid person. I like my schedules and my routines. I feel comfortable when I know what’s coming next in the day. But, that’s not really possible with kids, is it? (Unless you’re raising a whole brood of Type-A children, I suppose.)

As I’ve mentioned, my family tends to be much more spontaneous than I am. Just the other day, my husband suggested we make a hotel reservation for the day so that our kids could enjoy swimming in an indoor pool.

Of course that wasn’t in my plan. It took me a good hour to work through the pros and cons, before coming to the realization that doing something fun with my family is ALL pros and no cons.

When I feel “stuck” inside my plan, resistant to change, it really hurts me the most. I miss out on saying yes and letting them teach me something new.

Important note: Even though our goal is to be more flexible this summer, that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our needs and desires 100% of the time for our children. Tomorrow we’ll be talking more about our personality styles and family culture. In my opinion, day 3 is the most important lesson of this series.

Let’s talk about routines!

Having a set of “touch stones” throughout the day is one of my sanity savers as a parent. It gives us a chance to reset our moods, adjust our plans for the next few hours, and really reconnect as a family.

You may choose to make any part of your day a “touch stone.” Maybe it’s morning yoga or read-aloud time on the couch. Maybe it’s taking a walk together after dinner.

Jot a few of those ideas down and then come share them in our Facebook group.

Here’s how you add your daily routines to your weekly calendar template:

Click here to download the schedule template!


Which routines are important to your family? Can you think of a “touch stone” or two to add to your day this summer?

Add your family routines to your calendar template: meals, quiet time, read aloud time, etc. Share a picture of your calendar in our Facebook group!