C’s learning plan (age 18 months)

Current Interests: dancing, pouring, dogs

Communication & Literacy: language and communication skills


Mini Plan Recommendations for Language and Communication:

  1. Read Doggies by Sandra Boynton. This adorable board book introduces young children to the idea of counting and includes lots of fun conversation starters, like which dogs are big?, which dogs are brown?, etc.  Add some dog figurines (see below) to practice counting objects. For extra fun, you can make a taste-safe sensory bin with the animals or hide them around the house to practice counting as you find them.
  2. We LOVE sign language for toddlers & preschoolers, and recommend learning the signs for pets! Baby Signing Time is a fantastic series that can often be found at the library or on YouTube. Learn signs for animals as a family.
  3. Check out some of the “Carl” books by Alexandra Day. Most of the pages are wordless, which allow you and your child to create the story together.

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Recommended Resources for Language and Communication:

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Language and Communication Personalized Learning Plan

Language and Communication with Toddlers