Prepare Your Child to Be a Reader | Tips from Experts

For the last few weeks, we have been talking a lot about reading aloud here! I reached out to several of my favorite bloggers, moms, and literacy experts to get their best tips for preparing our children to become readers.

Preparing Your Child to Be a Reader: Tips from 7 Experts

I would have to say a reading chart has been amazing for my new reader. If she reads a book she gets a sticker and then after so many stickers she gets to pick a prize. She is starting to fall in love with reading.

Lyndsey Borden, My Adventure Called Life

For us it was about getting books that had a subject he was interested in.

Danielle Favreau, Discretion Studios

My advice is to read aloud to your kids every day from birth and specifically to read children’s books that you especially love. Kids can sense when you are enthusiastic about the books you share with them, and that enthusiasm is very contagious. By helping kids associate reading with joy and pleasure, you set them up to be lifelong lovers of books.

Katie Fitzgerald, Read-at-Home Mom

It may sound strange, but the best advice was to let my kids see me reading. Before I started reading around her, my oldest as a toddler wouldn’t sit still for a board book. By the time she was five, we would read on the couch together for hours. She’s still my biggest reader. Kids will learn to value what they see you practicing. Speaking of which, I better get back to my book…

Carolyn Leiloglou, House full of Bookworms
IG: @housefullofbookworms     FB:

Encourage them to read by being present during your reading sessions. Put away all distractions and give them your full attention, they will crave these special moments with you and you will begin to cultivate a love of books within their hearts. They will associate books with safety and comfort and you will get to teach them amazing things through the books at the same time.

Samantha Munoz, Addison Reads

Incorporate books into your bedtime routine as early as you can (4 months is not too early) – not only will you create a love of reading and a creating a special connection opportunity, but you also create a strong cue to get your child ready to sleep!

Susie Parker, Sleep Baby Love

I prepare my daughter to fall in love with reading by providing her with fun and exciting adventures and activities which we then relate back to the books we read together. By helping her to make connections and activate her prior knowledge, she is better able to relate to books and see herself in them.

Vicki Wilkinson, Babies to Bookworms

Preparing Your Child to Be a Reader: Expert Tips

Which of these tips do you intend to try? Or feel free to share your expert opinion in the comments below!

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5 Free Invitations to Play: Plastic Eggs

Now that Easter has passed, we are looking for fun (simple!) spring activities to do with both of our girls, who are 8 and 5.  Since we homeschool, I try to bring seasonal games into our learning plans–sometimes a new, novel idea can help a concept like math facts *click* in a new way!

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In case you missed the introduction to our invitation to play series (click here), let me give you a brief introduction to how we structure these fun, simple activities at our house.  

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and mom is busy trying to help the older child finish up her school work/homework before making dinner. Younger child is spinning around nearby or doing something quietly destructive in the next room. Mom pulls out an invitation to play to keep everyone calm and connected.

An invitation to play is an easy, open-ended activity that uses just a few materials found around the house. Keeping these activities set aside for special times keeps them interesting and intentionally engaging for when you need 10-15 minutes to get something else done! Best of all, these simple materials can be mixed and matched for countless other activities throughout the year.

This week, I have a freebie for you: a download with FIVE simple invitations to play, (including a materials list! Be sure to catch us LIVE on Facebook every day this week as I share more details about each of these activities.

 5 Free Invitations to Play: Plastic Eggs | spring, Easter eggs, activities for kids, learning at home, preschool at home


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Incorporating Reading into Your Daily Routine

We all agree that reading to our children is valuable, right?

(Check out the benefits of reading aloud here, if you’re not sure.)

When it comes to actually sitting down and reading with our kiddos…well, that’s when things can get a little tricky. Usually, parents mention one of these three obstacles to reading with children:

  1. We don’t have TIME to read aloud as often as we’d like.

  2. I get tired of reading the same books over and over again.

  3. My child won’t sit still for story time.

Incorporating Reading into Your Daily Routine | read-alouds, stories for kids, parenting

If any of those obstacles sound familiar to you, I hope our read-aloud series has been helpful for you. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

In our family, finding time to read aloud with our kids is a tricky business. We have to be intentional parents, making sure that reading to our children is a priority to our schedule.

Here are some of the ways we can all incorporate more stories into our day! Choose just one or two a week to make reading more fun.

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  1. Start the day with a story. Invite your little one to snuggle with you, and read a great book like Sandra Boynton’s Hey! Wake Up!
  2. Read aloud while your little one gets dressed. Blue Hat, Green Hat is a family favorite!
  3. Make teeth-brushing time fly by with a fun book!
  4. Keep a children’s book of poems or nursery rhymes at the dining room table. Read one or two if you finish eating before your child. We love Tomie DePaola’s Mother Goose.
  5. Stack books up next to the couch in the living room. Act surprised when you find your little one browsing a book!
  6. Make a personalized playlist for your children. Record yourself reading a few favorite books.
  7.  Buy a CD player and some books with CDs for your child’s room. My daughter enjoys Farmyard Tales from Usborne Books & More.
  8. Leave a few books in the car for the carpool lane, waiting at the drive-through, or for taking on errand runs.
  9. Visit the library or book store at least once a week. Find a new book by a favorite author.
  10. Read a book outside while your child takes a water break.
  11. Share a book while your little one is in the tub.
  12. Snuggle up together for a book or two before bed.

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Can you think of anything I missed? I’d love to hear your favorite time of day to read with your child!

Incorporating Reading into Your Daily Routine | read-alouds, stories for kids, parenting