When our girls were little and we were new to homeschooling, we joined a Classical Conversations community. Both of our girls are auditory learners, and we had a lot of fun learning the memory work together. Even though we no longer participate in a local community, we continue to listen to our memory work CDs and play our Classical Conversations review game.

Classical Conversations Memory Work Review Game
Classical Conversations Memory Work Review Game

Creating the Game Board

I created our Classical Conversations review game board from an old box. Since I planned on using the 3.5 x 5 index cards in our Charlotte Mason memory box, I cut 4 x 4.5 pockets out of colored construction paper. Based on the size of the box, I ended up with 32 pockets—but you may end up with a different amount.

Memory Work Box

Here is a photo of our memory work box. We have three sections: odd/even, days of the week, and numbers 1-31 (days of the month). Each time we play the game, I pull the memory work cards out of the box, stuff the pockets, and set the timer.

memory work box

If we were playing today (Monday, March 10th), I would pull cards from EVEN, Monday, and 10.

How We Play

We usually play with two dice, one with colors and the other with numbers 1-6. Whatever number/color she rolls, that’s the question she needs to answer.

When the timer goes off, we count up the cards she got right. For every question she gets right, she gets a minute of time to play a math game on the iPad, which is pretty motivating to keep her moving through the questions as quickly as possible.

Based on her responses, I file the cards back into our memory work box. We go over the questions she gets wrong or struggles with, and then those cards go into the next day (ODD). All correct questions from the current six weeks go back into the day of the week (Monday). The rest of the questions are filed into numbers 1-31 based on the week of the memory cycle.

Ideally, we would play our game daily, but that just doesn’t happen in real life. However, we’ve found that this Classical Conversation review game keeps things random and fun. And even the 2.5-year-old likes to play!

Do you have a memory work box?

How do you review memory work with your children?

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