I cannot believe that August is already here! This summer has flown by, but we are ready to get back into our regular routines and see our friends again.

Here are our curriculum choices for 1st grade (2014-2015):

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A will be participating in her second year of Classical Conversations, which covers 7 subjects of memory work, plus music theory, art, and science experiments. We’ve gotten a head start on geography this summer and reviewed our timeline and math facts–I’m hopeful that she may be interested in pursuing Memory Master this year.

We’re sticking with Saxon for math. I know it’s easy in the primary grades, but I’m trusting the numerous families who have sung Saxon’s praises for the older/trickier math. (Besides, I really don’t mind if one of our core subjects is “easy”…we’re getting plenty of challenges in other areas.)

Language Arts is sort of mish-mash this year. I taught 1st/2nd grade for two years, so I have a bunch of resources available in our storage unit. We need to finish up our Zaner-Bloser Kindergarten handwriting book, and we’ll be starting First Language Lessons in September. We have two phonics and reading comprehension workbooks that we’ll loop through this fall, plus our daily journal time for spelling/handwriting/punctuation practice. We spend a LOT of time at the library, so we’re not using a reading “textbook.”

We’re planning on participating in a science co-op with other K-2nd homeschooling families and supplementing with awesome no-prep packets from Annie Moffatt. I’m sure other “extras” will find their way into our routine, but for now I want to keep it simple.

This post was originally shared on my previous blog (lonestarsigners.com) on August 17, 2014.