Imagine how life could be different

if we could connect with our young kids through play

AND make learning fun at home!


Our affordable membership program will empower you to become a more intentional parent, with lots of hands-on activity ideas for your family and opportunities to nurture your own personal growth within a community of encouraging women.



  • considering tot school or preschool at home or looking to supplement their child’s school curriculum
  • wanting more family adventures & hands-on learning with less screen time
  • looking for engaging activities to keep little hands occupied
  • passionate about lifelong learning

960 Activity Ideas

24 themes | 40 activities each

Parent Training

monthly workshops + Mom’s Book Club

Community + Support

live Q & A calls & private FB group


As parents, we all want our children to grow up to LOVE learning, but that takes a lot of work on our parts!

We are expected to help our children discover how they learn best, feel confident in the classroom, and discover their professional passions before they head off to college. 

Between state testing, homework battles, and developmentally-inappropriate academic standards–the pressure is intense.

And unfortunately, that pressure is trickling down to our youngest children.

Our young children are suffering

from having less time to play

and discover than ever before.

In our quest to raise successful students, we are erasing all the joy out of learning.


Imagine how life could be different if we could connect with our young kids through play AND make learning fun at home!

When you choose play-based learning, you can:

  • Enjoy time with your children instead of thinking about what else needs to get done.
  • View learning as a lifelong adventure, not a stack of worksheets.
  • See your child’s unique personality and learning styles as a gift and not a burden.
  • Trust your own instincts on what feels right for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Give me ALL the details!

Here at Rolling Prairie Readers, we are passionate about helping young children learn through play! We know that Pinterest can be overwhelming for busy moms, which is why we’ve created our themed digital Family Activity Guides for kids ages 2-6.

With just one click of the button, you can access all 24 of our seasonal guides, each with 40 hands-on learning ideas, recommended books for your next library trip and a master list of materials (most items are already in your house!).


  • our Developmental Milestones Checklist
  • monthly workshops & book club discussions
  • access to our private Facebook group 
  • 1:1 support from a trained classroom teacher

24 Themes:

winter wonderland, Christmas trees, winter animals, nursery rhymes, Valentine’s Day, family
spring + rainbow, weather, Earth Day, insects, beach, patriotic
camping, healthy body, space, desert, emotions, jungle
dinosaurs, apples, farm, pumpkins, my community, things that go  

+ So it's a curriculum?

Yes and no.

We believe that learning starts at home and parents make the best teachers.

The Family Activity Guides can be used for tot school, preschool at home, and Kinder/1st grade homeschooling. They can also be used for “afterschooling” — intentional family time when children and parents learn together in the evenings, weekends, or on school holidays.

Think of each Family Activity Guide as a menu of fun, educational activities that you and your child can choose from at a pace that feels right to you.


+ Who is Melissa?

I am an elementary school teacher–turned–homeschooling mom with over 11 years of teaching experience. I am passionate about good books, learning through play, and family adventures.

I have been working with parents of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers since March 2012. For four years, I taught baby sign language classes in our home — sharing stories, songs, and hands-on learning activities in person with hundreds of amazing families. 

When we moved to a small town in February 2016, our business was reborn online as Rolling Prairie Readers. The Play School Club membership program is two years old and continues to help families make learning fun at home.

You are most likely to find me riding my bike, enjoying the beautiful Iowa scenery, eating chocolate, or hanging out at the library.

Read my full bio here.

+ You said it's affordable?

The Play School Club can equip you to teach your child at home for less than $3/week.

You can purchase a lifetime membership for $115 or try a three-month bundle for $28.75.

This is truly a “mom & pop” business, giving you personalized support and genuine community. We encourage you to set up a free 20-minute call with Melissa if you have any questions or concerns before joining The Play School Club.

Melissa is so inspiring to help my kids grow and learn!

–Katie K.

I love Melissa’s teaching style. She has already helped me understand my son better.

–Melisa G.

Melissa always seems to have EXACTLY what I am needing at each point in time.

–Hannah H.