Noah’s Learning Plan

Noah, age 2.5

Current Interests: dancing, ducks, alphabet letters

Speech Articulation Activities

Mini Plan Recommendations:

  1. Make a list of target words to focus on with Noah during the week. Look for ways to work those words into daily conversation, and keep it fun! Our toddler loved our handmade flashcards in the car, while we were walking around the grocery store, and whenever we had a few minutes to wait somewhere. (Note: we also used this amazing articulation screener from Mommy Speech Therapy for an idea of developmentally appropriate skills.)
  2. Use books to practice speech articulation activities. Find stories that repeat target words and phrases. Gossie has lots of words that begin with the /d/ sound. The entire series also gives toddlers a chance to build new vocabulary, count, and talk about colors. (Another great book for speech is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.)
  3. Surround speech activities with other things that Noah loves to do, like dancing! Turn on a song he loves, and then when the music stops, roll a dice (see below), and say the target word.

Upgrade to a FULL learning plan with a 20-minute call and 10 more activity ideas!  

Recommended Resources:

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