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Here’s a peek at the lesson objectives:

  • Colors: green, blue, white
  • Letter: Ss
  • Science: day and night
  • Math: counting down from 10
  • Literacy: fact and fiction
  • Vocabulary: space, solar system, sun, star, planet,
    moon, Earth, astronaut, rocket, gravity


Every July, we do “space camp” at home. In past years, we’ve learned about eclipses, the Apollo moon missions, and Mars. Here are some of our favorite resources!

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    This video is an excellent introduction to the solar system for older toddlers, preschoolers, and primary grade students.

    My STEM-loving kid enjoyed all the activities in this book, especially the obstacle course in the backyard.

    Every astronaut needs the right gear! We also found a NASA shirt at Target and space jammies at Walmart.



    Space magnets!

    Space puzzle!

    Space LEGOS!