Recently on our Facebook page, I asked, “How are you feeling about summer?” Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the activities on your calendar? Or are your kids feeling bored with all their free time? Read on for summer activity ideas for your family!

Today’s post is for the parents wondering how to fill all the down time during the school break!

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Sensational Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

Preschoolers and school-age children who have spent the last nine months on a schedule may need a time of adjustment to re-learn how to play freely and even be bored at home.

(Note: I’m not saying a family schedule is bad, but my advice–as a mom and a teacher–is to make sure to include some”down time” for all family members to recover from a busy school year. And then, after a time of “de-schooling,” families may want to start easing back into a routine.)

Here is a sample summer routine that works well in our family:

  • Morning chores: get dressed, make bed, personal hygiene
  • Breakfast (children help set the table, prepare the food, and clear the table–as able)
  • Morning time: music, religious studies, memory work, read-aloud time
  • Free time!
  • Lessons (we will be doing some math fact review and writing during the summer–no more than an hour on weekdays!)
  • Lunch
  • Outside time/pool/playdates (we will alternate ‘at-home’ time with ‘away from home’ time)
  • Rest (when needed)
  • Screen time if it gets too hot outside
  • Dinner
  • Family time
  • Bedtime

*As the weather starts getting hotter, we will likely do outside time in the morning.*

Sample Summer Routine

Sample Summer Routine

Since we homeschool, our girls are really experienced when it comes to using their free time (although they do everything so s-l-o-w-l-y). We do use our activity “menu” on the days when it seems like all they really want to do is watch T.V.

Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

The activity menu has 20 different summer activity ideas, such as art, board games, playdates, puzzles, and more. It’s part of our Flexible Family Schedule Guide, and it’s FREE!

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What is your family’s favorite summer activity?