You know that:

  • learning at home is right for you and your child, AND
  • learning should be playful, exciting, and customized to your unique kid.

But figuring out the best roadmap for preschool at home can feel daunting.

You’re an incredible parent.


You value your child’s unique gifts and learning styles, and you aren’t comfortable with a world that’s eliminating the slow, joyful approach to learning that children crave.

For your family, new skills come through discovery and adventure, not through a stack of worksheets.

YOUR child learns best through play.


But where to start?

You don’t have the time to scroll Pinterest.

You’re not just interested in a scented playdough recipe; you’re looking for robust, vibrant lessons that guarantee delight as well as learning.

You don’t have the time to research age appropriate skills, but you do want to make sure your child is practicing them. 

As a classroom teacher and homeschooler with over a decade of experience, I’ve created the Play School Club JUST for you.

It’s a treasure trove of carefully curated lessons with everything you need for preschool at home. It’s rooted in developmental psychology and learning theory, but most importantly, it sparkles with the power of play.


Though it is a comprehensive curriculum, the Play School Club is NOT just “preschool in a box.”

It’s fully customizable for your family, and your membership means that you’ll have consistent access directly to me, a professional early childhood teacher. 

You’ll have me at your elbow, ready to offer you weekly advice and encouragement through parent trainings, Q & A calls, and coaching, as we tailor the Club’s lessons to fit your child to a “T.”


If you’re feeling timid about your ability to be your child’s teacher, I’m here for you!

Even if full-time homeschooling is not right for you, The Play School Club is the perfect resource for intentional family play, to ensure your child is prepared for kindergarten.

960 Activity Ideas

24 themes | 40 activities each

Parent Training

monthly workshops + Mom’s Book Club

Community + Support

live Q & A calls & private FB group


FREE Insect Unit Lesson Plans for Preschool at Home

Just take a look at some of the lessons within our Insect Guide (available for free!). In the Play School Club, we don’t just read a book about bugs…here’s a sample!

  • Build early literacy and observation skills with a bug journal.
  • Practice the days of the week with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Tally the number of bugs you find in your yard, and make a bar graph together.
  • Explore symmetry with our butterfly painting craft.
  • Create your own bugs out of modeling clay, strengthening fine motor skills while reinforcing important characteristics of insects: body parts, legs and antennae.
  • Read three or more bug books from Eric Carle, and observe his illustrations. Write your own story about your unique insect.

This only a sample from one guide – the Play School Club includes 24 themes with 960 activities just like these.


I’ve done the hard work for you, sourcing tried and true activities that kids find magical, and packaging them in easy-to-follow lessons that use simple materials. 

You do not need a certification or an expensive degree to teach your child, but you already know that! It helps to have an experienced guide, and a blueprint, and the Play School Club provides both!


Melissa is so inspiring to help my kids grow and learn!

–Katie K.

I love Melissa’s teaching style. She has already helped me understand my son better.

–Melisa G.

Melissa always seems to have EXACTLY what I am needing at each point in time.

–Hannah H.