Christmas Tree Activities

Christmas Tree Activities

If you’re anything like me, you love spending time with your children. But sometimes, between the rush of work, home, and all those other items on our to-do list, “life” gets in the way.

As a former classroom teacher and homeschooling mom, I understand! I cut through the overwhelm (so many ideas on Pinterest!) and help you target your child’s next skills with a variety of simple and fun, hands-on learning activities.

Our Christmas Tree enrichment resource is for families with children ages 2-6 and includes 20 crafts and sensory experiences. You also get exclusive access to our private Facebook group, where we will have LIVE Q&A events and a fun storybook experience!

Whether your child does homeschool or attends preschool out of the home, this must-have resource will equip you to be intentional and fully present (and make learning fun!) during the month of December.

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20 Christmas Tree Activities for Children Ages 2-6 | Christmas tree picture books, Christmas tree crafts, early literacy, early math