Are you a parent who is passionate about learning?

Do you want your children to enjoy school and find success IN and OUT of the classroom?

Then welcome to Learn Their Way!

In this week’s introductory episode, host Melissa Droegemueller will share a bit of her learning journey story — from loving school as a child to becoming a teacher — and what she learned about education along the way. 

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Are you a parent who is passionate about learning? Do you want your children to enjoy school and find success IN and OUT of the classroom? Then welcome to Learn Their Way!

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Well, hello! Welcome to episode one of our brand-new podcast for parents, Learn Their Way. I’m your host, Melissa Droegemueller, with Rolling Prairie Readers and The Play School Club.

For the past nine and a half years,I have worked with parents who want to make learning fun at home and parents who need a little support in understanding child development, getting started with learning at home, or helping their child with struggles in the classroom.

Growing up, I was the type of kid who LOVED school. I loved new notebooks and pencils, book fairs, and trips to the school library. I loved my teachers, and I really loved learning. It makes total sense that I would grow up wanting to be a teacher. And that’s exactly what I did.

At the tender age of 23, I became a classroom teacher. I taught first through fourth grades — as well as preschool — in both big-city public schools and small town parochial schools.

Because I had grown up loving school, I didn’t realize how many students I would teach who had already been let down by the education system.

These were kids who had been told in words and actions that they were too loud, too active, too slow, too quiet, or too much work.

I will never forget the face of the mom who broke down at Meet the Teacher night my very first year of teaching because her son hated school. He was bright and funny, …and he struggled with ADHD. His previous year had been so traumatic that he was pulling out his own hair at night from anxiety.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted my classroom to be a welcoming space for my students. They deserved to feel safe and accepted when they were at school. I wanted each of them to grow up knowing they were special and had unique gifts to share with the world.

When I left the classroom and became a parent myself, I realized I could still make an impact on the education system, this time from the outside in.

I began building a community, starting with parents passionate about lifelong learning — first through in-person classes and workshops and then online in our Facebook group, The Parent Resource Room.

If you are a parent who loves to learn and wants to bring learning to life for your kids, then this podcast is for you. Every week, you will understand your child a little bit better and feel more confident in your special role in their educational journey: inspiring, empowering, and encouraging.

It’s true that teachers know a lot about child development and classroom management, but parents are the TRUE experts when it comes to their own children.

Each week on the podcast, we’ll discuss a new topic related to how children learn and grow. You’ll walk away with practical tips and helpful resources to make learning more playful and customized to your child’s unique strengths.

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