40 Fun Family Theme Preschool Activities

Family Themed Preschool Actiivties

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.

— George Santayana

Are you looking for family theme preschool activities for your little ones? As a teacher and homeschooling mom, I love letting the seasons guide our learning journey. I also love using concepts my girls are familiar with, like the family, to learn new skills and reinforce old ones.

This guide includes a list of songs and books that can be used to inspire family crafts and fine motor activities.

  • Read Bear’s Busy Family and make a family tree.
  • Read All the World and draw a family portrait.
  • Sing Rachel Coleman’s Mom Has a Mom song and practice the American Sign Language signs for family members.  

The guide also includes life skills,social studies, science, literacy, and so much more!

If you are new to doing preschool at home with your child, you might be looking for lesson plans for the month. We all know that young children learn best through hands-on learning activities! Teach your young children with these 40 fun family theme preschool activities for kids, including sensory play, literacy, crafts, and more.

Here at Rolling Prairie Readers, we are passionate about helping young children learn through play! We know that Pinterest can be overwhelming for busy moms, which is why we’ve created our themed Family Activity Guides. With just one click of the button, you can have our guide emailed to you, with recommended books for your next library trip and a master list of materials (most items are already in your house!).


  • have a ready list of simple activities to do together?
  • connect with your children through play?
  • spend family time creating memories rather than planning them?

Grab our newest Activity Guide today for a full month of family fun.

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As a former classroom teacher, I have been putting together unit studies for years! I love finding hands-on activities that families can do with minimal preparation and NO worksheets. Children learn best through discovery and play, and these family theme preschool activities will help you all have fun learning together!

Best of all, our Family Activity Guide isn’t just something you download and forget about!

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Family Theme Preschool Activities

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