Hi, I’m Melissa.


I’m here to help you make learning fun at home, whether you are a full-time homeschooling family or not.


I believe teachers are caring, hard-working people! But I also know from experience that teachers are overwhelmed with balancing the diverse needs of their students and the expectations from the school district and state. When it comes to your child, no one will care more than you. When it comes to learning, your child will remember YOUR actions and attitude more than their teachers.

I am passionate about individualized education. Great teachers understand how their students learn best and see learning as a journey, not an assembly line.

Melissa is so inspiring to help my kids grow and learn!

–Katie K.

I have always loved reading. I was the kid who brought a book with her everywhere she went, who was constantly told to “put the book down and look at the window” or “put the book down and go outside to play.” I spent years of my life with the March sisters from Little Women, escaping my unhappy childhood in the pages of a beloved book.

I also have a thing for school supplies. My favorite time of year was always “back to school” season, when all the fresh folders and boxes of crayons made their jubilant return. I stocked up on pencils, fun pens, new highlighters, and more. I loved arranging my desk and keeping my cubby neat and tidy.

When I grew up, I went to college and got my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a specialization in Reading.


I couldn’t wait to have a classroom of my own: a warm, welcoming haven for every one of my students. I spent all my extra money on books for my classroom library and always had sharpened pencils and new boxes of crayons in my desk for anyone who needed them.

Melissa is a loving momma and kind soul. She is full of fun ideas and awesome resources.

–Becky T.

I taught grades 1st through 4th, with a few years working with preschoolers, toddlers, and babies sprinkled in.

My heart holds a special place for parents of preschoolers and Kindergartners.

There are SO many big developmental changes that happen between the ages of 3 and 6, and it seems like the pressures associated with “kindergarten readiness” get bigger every year.

As the mom of two girls, I dream of a world

where all children

are excited about learning 

and are being equipped

to use their unique gifts

to make a big difference in their communities.

Melissa is an amazing mom and full of so many good ideas. She is so down-to-earth and easy to talk to.

–Kati B.


I work 1:1 with parents

who are passionate about education

and who need a little support 

understanding child development,

getting started with learning at home,

or helping a child with struggles

in or out of the classroom.