Aiden’s Learning Plan (age 5)

Current Interests: dinosaurs, cars, freeze tag

Literacy: letter recognition and letter sounds

I’ve never met a preschooler who doesn’t LOVE learning more about dinosaurs. These fun activities and resources can help preschoolers & primary grade students with letter recognition, letter sounds, and early literacy.

If YOUR little one is a tactile or kinesthetic learner (click here to learn more about each of those), it’s okay to trade the worksheets and workbooks for hands-on activities.

Mini Plan Recommendations for Letter Sounds:

    1. Hide ABC letter eggs around your house (or yard). If you don’t have plastic eggs right now, you can download this free Dinosaur Footprint set for indoor letter sounds fun!
    2. Make a personalized dinosaur ABC book, with a different dinosaur for each letter of the alphabet. The Dino Directory from the National History Museum has an alphabetical list of dinosaurs with interesting facts. This fun song can help you get started:

3. Make a simple, homemade board game to practice letter sounds. Use dinosaurs figurines as game pieces!

Upgrade to a FULL personalized learning plan for your family with a 20-minute consultation call and 10 more activity ideas!  

Additional Resources for Learning Letter Sounds:

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Match upper- and lowercase letters using this fun dinosaur set!

Hide these dinosaur eggs inside or outside for some kinesthetic learning adventures.

Check your library for dinosaur ABC books.

Hang a dinosaur alphabet sign in your child’s room.

Try an alphabet puzzle.

Download our Dinosaur Family Activity Guide. It comes with MORE lesson plans for hands-on dinosaur learning activities!

Dinosaur-Themed Letter Sounds Activities