Lissy’s Learning Plan (age 3)

Current Interests: music (singing and instruments), reading, animals and bugs

Science: incorporating science into daily life or relating it to a book

Mini Plan Recommendations for Learning About Nature:

  1. Invest in some great nature books for your family. (See below for recommendations.) We also love the Rachel and the Treeschoolers video series for preschoolers. They are a perfect way to introduce science concepts through music and sign language!
  2. Go on a leaf hunt in your neighborhood or park. First, explore the leaves with a magnifying glass. Then make leaf rubbings. Finally, try this chlorophyll experiment:
  3. Pick up some pinecones and discover how they open and close in this fun activity:

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Recommended Resources for Learning About Nature:

Note: this blog uses affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything recommended here. But please know, I only recommend items our family has used and loved. See our full disclosure policy here.

Nature Anatomy is one of our FAVORITE books for learning about nature! If you can only add one nature book to your family collection, this would be my #1 recommendation.

We also love this Outdoor Book for fun family activities!

Learn more about plants with this fun 30-minute video from the makers of Signing Time! If you have visual or auditory learners, they will love the fast-paced episode with music, animation, and sign language.

Create a family adventure backpack with tools for learning about nature, like a magnifying glass, child tweezers, and a bug jar!

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Exploring Nature with Little Kids

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