Are you looking to homeschool?

There’s so much information about home education available on the Internet, it can be overwhelming.

For many of us, the overload can lead to “analysis paralysis.” It can lead to us doubting ourselves and our decision to homechool our children.

  • How do we start?
  • Which curriculum should we use?
  • What about socialization?
  • Are my kids learning what they're supposed to?

We have the answers you need!

Our course, Homeschooling 101, is full of details, examples, and explanations for your most frequently-asked questions from an experienced homeschooling mom (and former classroom teacher!), Melissa Droegemueller.

For just $17, you can take the entire course -- 7 modules, plus a Q & A session -- and get access to our monthly LIVE check-in calls (with replays).

Get peace of mind for your homeschooling journey!

Homeschooling 101 will equip you to create a unique, flexible homeschooling plan that works for YOUR family, finding just the right balance between real-world learning and a more "traditional" education.

This course is right for you, if you are:

  • curious about homeschooling
  • considering teaching at home in the future
  • or committed to your first year of home education

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