Make Time For Play {Free Challenge}

Do you believe that play can change our world?

I do!

For the past few months, I have been diving deep into my research about the power of play. The benefits are truly incredible, which is why I’m making play a priority for our own family and our Rolling Prairie Readers community in 2019.

I recently surveyed a group of women and asked them what obstacles stand between them and playing with their kids.

Overwhelmingly, the top response was “I don’t have enough time.”

We are ALL too busy these days–between work, chores, parenting, relationships, and everything else on the to-do list–time really is our most precious resource.

The two follow-up responses were:
“It’s just not fun” and “I’m not really sure how to play.”

If any of these feelings are resonating with you, check out our new “Make Time for Play” challenge!

Make Time for Play Family Challenge

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