35 Fourth of July Learning Activities for Kids

35 Fourth of July Learning Activities for Kids

Summer is a wonderful time to celebrate 4th of July and learn more about our nation’s history.

When it comes to U.S. history for young kids, you have a couple of options. You can tell your kids the traditional tales we learned as kids (George Washington and the cherry tree comes to mind) or start to be a little more truthful about some of the harder details of our country’s past. I think we’re lucky in this way–we get to be lifelong learners along with our kids!

I like to tell my girls that history hasn’t changed, just our understanding of it.     

We can also seek out resources that teach us more about the women and people of color who impacted our nation’s history that we didn’t learn about as kids. (If you have ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments!)  

Are you looking for 4th of July Activities?

I know you love spending time with your children. But sometimes, between the rush of work, home, and all those other items on our to-do list, “life” gets in the way. Whether you are looking for family activities or independent play ideas, our Patriotic Activity Guide has you covered!


  • have a ready list of simple activities to do together?
  • connect with your children through play?
  • spend family time creating memories rather than planning them?

During June only, you can download our Patriotic Family Activity Guide for kiddos ages 2-6.

Our guide includes 35 activities related to all subjects:

  • literacy
  • math
  • U.S. History
  • sensory
  • art & crafts

AND the guide comes with suggested books and a materials list for easy organization!

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As a former classroom teacher, I have been putting together unit studies for years! I love finding hands-on activities that families can do with minimal preparation and NO worksheets. Children learn best through discovery and play, and these activities will help you all have fun learning together!

Best of all, our Patriotic Family Activity guide isn’t just something you download and forget about!

The 4th of July activities come along with a month of our membership program, Flourish.

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