Nelle’s Mini Plan

Nelle, age 5

Current Interests: cats, superheroes, dress-up, coloring

Writing: letter formation

Mini Plan Recommendations:

  1. Try the “clever cat” trick, either on a craft stick OR directly on handwriting paper.
  2. Squirt paint into a gallon-size zipper bag, and use a Q-tip to form letters.
  3. Use a dry-erase marker for handwriting practice. You can use a dry-erase sleeve (like this one) or buy a handwriting book from Usborne or the dollar store.

A couple of tips: since Nelle is in school, you have the freedom to make handwriting practice more fun at home. With both of my girls, handwriting really “clicked” shortly after their sixth birthday–it really is a developmental skill. Group similar letters together, such as o, a, g, d, c, etc.

She might also enjoy some simple tracing pages like this:

This post has great information as well:


10 Things All Teachers Need to Know When Teaching Handwriting

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Recommended Resources:

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