Q’s Learning Plan

Q, age 6

Current Interests: reading, LEGO, bike-riding, drawing

STEM Activities: Money & Science Investigations

Mini Plan Recommendations:

  • Explore real or play money: sort it, count it, talk about which Presidents and monuments are on each side. Grab a handful and count it together. You can also draw the groups of coins on a piece of paper and label each coin with the amount it’s worth. (Some kids need the extra support of adding it up on paper before moving to the abstract idea of counting out loud.)
  • Play Exact Change as a family. You can keep it simple, similar to UNO, or follow the directions for an extra challenge.
  • Hands on science investigations are great way to make learning fun at home. Visit our STEM Pinterest board or buy a book of ideas like 50 Science Things to Make & Do. Since Q loves to draw, start a science journal to record observations and experiments at home. We also love beautiful science books like the ones below!

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Recommended Resources:

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