Winter is absolutely my favorite season. I love watching the snow fall and sledding down hills with my girls. I also love all the extra reading time that comes along with the cold weather.

We are lucky to live in a small town, near a creek that attracts a lot of the local wildlife. We see rabbits and squirrels, a family of three deer, large opossums, and a little tiny chipmunk who travels back and forth across our driveway daily. After a snowstorm, it’s really fun to see all the different tracks criss-crossing our yard.

However, we know that the most exciting things happening are under the ground and in little hideaways that we’ll never see. The best way for us to learn about how animals behave in winter is through books.

13 Best Winter Animal Books for Kids



13 Fun Winter Animals Books for Kids

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Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson is our favorite book on this list!


Author Jan Brett has a couple of classic winter animals books for kids, The Hat and The Mitten.


We also love Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner!

Winter Animals Books for Kids

New books about winter animals are being released all the time! Here are a few that have been written in the last few years (or, in the case of Snow, I just found a copy at my local library):

Cozy by Jan Brett was released in October 2020.

A Loud Winter’s Nap by Katy Hudson

The Snowy Nap

Snow by Manya Stojic

Winter Animals Activities

Grab our Family Activity Guide with 40 hands-on learning activities using these books!


More Winter Animals Books for Kids:

Secrets of Winter by Carron Brown

How Do Bears Sleep? by E.J. Bird

Winter, Winter, Cold and Snow by Sharon Gibson Palermo

Hibernation Station by Michelle Meadows

The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader

The Bear’s Cave by Regine Schindler appears to be out of print, but your library may still have a copy!


The Happy Day by Ruth Krauss

When It Starts to Snow by Phillis Gershator

Baby Bear Counts One by Ashley Wolff

Which winter animals books are your favorites to read with kids?

13 Fun Books All About Winter Animals