Play Resource Guide

Make Time for Play Challenge

Welcome to the Make Time for Play Challenge! We will use this page to share resources throughout the challenge, so feel free to bookmark it and come back as often as you like.

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February’s challenge: Take play “on the road.”


Choose a place outside of your home. Go to the park, the library, the children’s museum, a friend’s house and make an intentional choice to step out of your comfort zone and play together. Don’t think about how you look to other adults — concentrate on your kids and make a NEW memory.

Here are some of our favorite songs for after-dinner dance parties:



January’s challenge: Connect play to mealtime.


  • Hold a dance party during meal prep or clean-up once a week.
  • While you eat, play “Would You Rather” or “I’m Going on a Trip.”
  • Play a card/board game after dinner.

Here are some of our favorite family games:




Pass the Pigs