If you had a baby this year (or are expecting one!), we invite you to join us for this free ONLINE video training about raising readers from infancy. Watch the video for five baby literacy tips you can use immediately to set a good foundation for raising a reader!


  • Babies learn through exploration using their five senses, especially taste. Sturdy board books, such as Indestructibles (linked below), are important for this age and stage. Include books with a variety of other toys in independent play time.
  • Singing to your babies and reciting nursery rhymes will introduce them to other forms of language.
  • Children who are read to from a young age will associate books with cuddles, time, and attention!
  • Use brightly-colored  or high-contrast board books during tummy time.

Infancy is the perfect time to start good habits with reading before bedtime. Choose a sweet lovey-dovey story to read or recite every night. (Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton was our favorite!)

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5 Literacy Activities for Babies

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