Are you teaching your toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids about emotions? Why not grab some feelings books for kids from the library?

No matter how old your children are, it’s important to build emotional intelligence skills consistently — and books are a great tool to do that. (In fact, here’s a whole post about using books to foster emotional intelligence.)

Whether your kids love fiction or non-fiction, you are sure to find something great from this list. Maybe you’ll teach an annual unit study about feelings or work regular conversations about emotions into your learning at home journey.


No matter which you choose, you’ll love these fabulous feelings books for kids!


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15 Feelings Books for Kids

Here are some books about feelings and emotions we have enjoyed:

Chrysanthemum is a great book for the beginning of school or any child dealing with bullies. It can be hard for children to speak up when others are being teased, so this story can also open up discussions about what it means to be an ally.

Every child has been angry at an adult at least once in their life. But what I love about Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse is that it models conflict resolution in a fun and relatable way.

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? We’ve all had them.

A book with a simple tool for dealing with anxious thoughts.

Your library probably has a series of non-fiction books about emotions, like this one.

Dealing with sibling jealousy? Check out Julius, The Baby of the World! Note: Pre-read this one first, so you don’t make things worse. 😉 Some kids will think this is funny, but some little ones might be inspired by the misbehavior.

As the mom of two daughters, Sheila Rae, The Brave is a fun story about a little sister who saves the day. This a great book to discuss bravery — and how it’s okay to be scared sometimes, too.

Moving soon? Alexander can help!

A beautiful wordless book about friendship in the face of bullying.

Learning how to handle emotions starts with identifying different feelings. This book is fun!

Feelings Books for Bigger Kids

How do we deal with BIG feelings about BIG issues? A Place Inside Me helps kids and adults deal with conflicting emotions.

Do you have a school-age student who has an embarrassing moment in the classroom? This cute story is about bouncing back!

From the American Girl brand, The Feelings Book helps tweens and teens learn how deal with different emotional situations.

Our perceived weaknesses can actually be strengths!

Do you want to check out our feelings unit study? You can see the Family Activity Guide here!

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Fabulous Feelings Books for Kids