17 Farm Books for Kids

October 7, 2020

When a city girl marries a country boy, there are a few cultural differences. My only farm experience growing up was a primary school field trip to a dairy farm, while my husband’s first job was *actually* working on a neighbor’s farm. Fifteen years into our relationship, I’m still amazed when he starts talking about baling hay or driving farm equipment.

Raising two children in a small, Midwestern town, it’s not unusual to see a tractor driving down the street or parked on the side of the street in our neighborhood. The FFA kids bring their animals to events throughout the summer and we can buy locally-grown pumpkins from a farmer’s stand in the fall.

Needless to say, I’ve learned a LOT about farms over the past few years. Children’s books are great for learning about something new, even when you’re an adult. 😉 

Read more about our trips to the Ingalls Homestead in South Dakota and Rocky Ridge Farm in Missouri.

If you are doing tot school or preschool at home with your kiddos, FARM is a fantastic unit study.

From learning about technology on the farm to what the farm looks like during the different seasons and ALL of the different hands-on, real-world learning activities that go along with this theme — you and your kids are guaranteed to have a blast!

And while you can do this unit study at any time of the year, I like to do it in the fall, when farmers are bringing in the harvest.

Check out our Farm Family Activity Guide in The Play School Club!

There are so many terrific children’s books about farmers and farm animals as well. These are just a few favorites from our collection and some new titles we discovered at the library.

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Farm Books for Kids

There are many terrific books about living on the farm. Here are a few of our favorites:

Farm Animal Books for Kids

There are also a tremendous number of children’s books about farm animals! Here is a handful to get you started:

More Farm Resources for Kids

These resources can also enhance your farm unit study:

Favorite Farm Books for Kids