5 Free Invitations to Play: Rainbow

5 Free Invitations to Play: Rainbow

Hooray, it’s spring!

Our girls are thrilled to be outside again, riding their bikes and playing with neighbors. Birds are returning, flowers are budding, and gardens are being planned! We pulled out our spring books, decorated the house, and swapped our winter sensory materials for our rainbow learning activities.

Scroll down for our freebie!

In case you missed the introduction to our invitation to play series (click here), here’s how we structure these fun, simple activities at our house.  

It’s the middle of the afternoon. Mom is trying to help the older child finish up her school work/homework before making dinner. Younger child is spinning around nearby or doing something quietly destructive in the next room. Mom pulls out an invitation to play to keep everyone calm and connected.

An invitation to play is an easy, open-ended activity. It uses just a few materials found around the house, like measuring cups, straws, old magazines, etc. Keeping these activities set aside for special times keeps them interesting and intentionally engaging for when you need 10-15 minutes to get something else done! Best of all, these simple materials can be mixed and matched for countless other activities throughout the year.

This week, I have a freebie for you: a download with FIVE rainbow-themed invitations to play!

You also get:

  • a materials list
  • a bonus video with even more rainbow learning activities
  • a book recommendation
  • and a link to one of our favorite songs to sing about colors!


5 Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers

Get your Rainbow Learning Activities download:

Rainbow-Themed Books

Just this week, the girls and I sat down to do a free online storytime for our email community. We found a few fabulous rainbow-themed books that also include animals and friendship themes, and I wanted to share those here:

Rainbow-Themed Books

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