There’s something special that I love about back-to-school time. It could be the cooler weather or the promise of another year of learning — but truthfully, it’s probably getting back to routines that I love the most. I am a Type A parent raising two wonderful, busy children, and one of my favorite tools is a flexible family schedule.

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As a homeschooling family, we already have a lot of flexibility in our day-to-day routines. But as my kids get older, they’re taking more and more online classes that have a set schedule. There are some days where they have three or four (or more!) Zoom calls, and I need to make sure that everyone is where they need to be at the right time. 

(Not to mention making sure that all of our regular class work gets done as well…)

We like to use our weekly calendar template to create our flexible family schedule! Every Sunday, my husband and I sit down with our calendars and fill everything in for the coming week: online classes, extracurricular activities, appointments, etc.

Our homeschool schedule has moved here!

family schedule printable | free calendar template

Several years ago — when my kids were little — I made this printable template to help me stay organized and fill our days with fun and learning. It allows me to see, at a glance, those open pockets of time where I can be a more intentional mother. Where can I fit in a read-aloud session or some sensory play? When can we take a walk and look at all the seasonal changes happening in our neighborhood? Which night is best to do a puzzle or play a game?

The benefit of a flexible family schedule is that you can adjust your routines any time, regardless of the season. Some families prefer to have a full calendar, with lots of extracurricular activities…while some families prefer a more relaxed, spontaneous approach.

And then some families–or MOST families, I would imagine–are a mixture of both when it comes to their weekly schedule: some days are wildly busy and some are totally light!

The weekly calendar template helps me see it all — visually — and share that information with everyone in the family so that I don’t have to carry the mental load alone. Even though my family members are a lot more relaxed and spontaneous, they like to know what’s coming up just as much as I do!

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