When I think back on my childhood, I remember how fun it was to find personalized items in gift shops and bookstores: license plates for my bike, pens, bookmarks, etc. 

I think my name is really pretty, but it’s also really common for women my age. The year I was born, Melissa was the 2nd most popular girl’s name in the United States.

When it came time to name our first child, I wanted her to have a beautiful, unique old-fashioned name. We named her Adeline, which ranked as one of the 800th least common girls names at the time I was pregnant. 

(Best laid plans: by 2013, the name Adalynn zoomed up the name list, along with alternate spellings Adelynn and Adalyn.)

Despite all these similar names, it’s not easy to find personalized items for our girl.

Thankfully, there are great companies that make custom gift items. When InTheBook.com reached out to me for a book review, I was thrilled to get my hands on one of their personalized books.

(We were provided a personalized copy of My Day at the Zoo for review purposes. You can see our full disclosure policy here.)

Personalized Books for Kids | A Book Review

Since our girls were little, we have given them books for gifts. Every year, they get a new book for Valentine’s Day, Easter, their birthdays, and other special days throughout the year. (Would you expect anything different from the owner of a website called Rolling Prairie Readers?)

My Day at the Zoo is extra-special for our family because we have so many fun memories at the zoo. 

Throughout Addie’s life, we’ve had family memberships to the Kansas City Zoo and the San Antonio Zoo. We’ve also taken her to the zoos in Milwaukee, Des Moines, Omaha, and Minneapolis. When I selected a photo for our personalized book, I had so many great memories to choose from:

  • Baby Addie staring down a tortoise (or maybe the tortoise was staring her down?)
  • Toddler Addie playing with her cousins at a water feature in Milwaukee
  • Preschool Addie climbing on the lion statues in San Antonio
  • Riding on the zoo trains in Kansas City and Omaha
  • Laughing on the historic Cafesjian’s Carousel at Como Zoo in Minneapolis

Every time we look at our new personalized book, we’ll be able to remember those moments together. And she’ll be able to keep My Day at the Zoo for her own children and grandchildren in the future. The quality hardback cover will keep the pages safe for years to come!


Here are the features we love in the book!

  • Rhyming text and lots of fun animal facts

  • Addie’s name worked into the text and illustrations

  • A personalized dedication in the front

  • And a photo of our girls with a giraffe at the Blank Park Zoo, printed on the last page


If you’re looking for a great gift for a child in your life, I highly recommend these personalized books from InTheBook.com!

(Before you go, leave a comment and let me know your favorite personalized item from your childhood.)