If you have a busy toddler, you know how tricky storytime has become! There are fun ways to keep your little mover interested in books, and we’ll talk about them in this free ONLINE video training about raising readers. Get five simple toddler literacy tips that you can use immediately to set a good foundation for raising a reader!

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  • Toddlers learn by doing. Allow them to move while you’re reading or choose quiet toys for reading time. (We love bristle blocks.)
  • It’s okay to flip through the pictures with an impatient toddler–attention spans are only about two-minutes long at this time!
  • But don’t give up on reading! The more you do it, the more stamina your child will have.
  • Use audio books or personal recordings so your toddler can listen “on demand.”

Read and re-read favorite books. Young children are obsessive about their favorite toys, T.V. shows, and friends—books are no different. (We often let our girls pick a book and we pick something new/more literary to complement our reading time.) Click here for more on the importance of repetition!

  • Make story time at the library a priority! Use the time to meet other local families, meet the librarian, participate in family reading challenges, and check out books each week.
  • Choose interactive books at this age: lift-the-flap, books that make noise, and flashlight books. (All Better is one of our favorites.)
  • Leave small groups of books in each room your child is in. You will be amazed what “strewing” can do to pique interests.
  • Choose lots of interest-based books for daytime reading. (Construction books near the matching toys, etc.)

Get ideas for an educational playlist for your toddler here! Listen and learn while you move and play.

picture of a girl reading a book with text overlay: Literacy Activities for Toddlers

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